Hack To Power, Brian

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8 vjet më parë

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have a great weekend :)

jman2150 9 muaj më parë
I come here some many years late. Never part of the original conversation, but thoroughly enjoying the artifacts of a long ago show. I like a comment (or two, or three) by the creator and I wonder if, in some place, somewhere else, many years after the original posting of this video, a notification appears. Maybe the man sees it, and maybe it makes him happy. Maybe it makes him sad, the weight of too much praise making the praise itself feel sour. Mostly likely, I expect it's simply lost among a multitude of other such notifications, and that's kinda cool too. Either way, hope you have a nice day, Ze.
Nicole Barry
Nicole Barry 10 muaj më parë
I can't believe this has been sitting in my Watch Later list for seven years!
Bradock 11 muaj më parë
We aren't mad at you BRIAN😞..... We're just disappointed.
Hyraethian Rabbit
Hyraethian Rabbit Vit më parë
Late to the party by 8 years. I'm still feeling encouraged and inspired to figure out what my paper towels are and seek them out.
918Venice Vit më parë
Like the psych ward and that is a huge fucking compliment...T or F? Too True, thank you very much ( In Caps )
Αλίκη Στυλιανίδη
Αλίκη Στυλιανίδη Vit më parë
Brian is the new Ryan! Or should I say the old.
Aman Raina
Aman Raina Vit më parë
Blink damn it . Blink
VirgilwithanE Vit më parë
By far the most intelligent words I've heard all month! 😂
Allen Gilby
Allen Gilby 2 vjet më parë
He hasn’t blinked in 3 minutes.
reyuck near
reyuck near 2 vjet më parë
Ok Brian
Brian Pulling
Brian Pulling 2 vjet më parë
Six years on, this is still my biggest claim to fame. At least I have towels now.
ARTexplains Science and History
ARTexplains Science and History 2 muaj më parë
Brain, we need to know... Brian
TheMagicMan23 Vit më parë
Yes, tell us brian, so that we may hate you brian, or perhaps respect you brian. Go on tell us.
Naomi Flipper
Naomi Flipper 2 vjet më parë
I tried so hard not to laugh, lasted for about 10 seconds! How???
Alexis Lane
Alexis Lane 3 vjet më parë
This is the best metaphor
ZC Del
ZC Del 3 vjet më parë
mesmerizing...the sound of his perfectly delivered rhetoric and watching his face dance.
Virtual Alias
Virtual Alias 4 vjet më parë
Wonder whatever happened to good ol' Brian...
Coraly Mosher
Coraly Mosher 5 vjet më parë
I love you Ze :0)
Jojo 4 vjet më parë
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Juho Toivonen 4 vjet më parë
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nayrreliew 5 vjet më parë
I miss these videos
Devon Merancio
Devon Merancio 5 vjet më parë
The creativity of this man forever amazes me
The Ghost
The Ghost 5 vjet më parë
This proves reality is broken.
Nazi Proximity
Nazi Proximity 5 vjet më parë
what did he say at 0:47?
Nazi Proximity
Nazi Proximity 5 vjet më parë
+Edward Bauer okay thanks
Ed Bauer
Ed Bauer 5 vjet më parë
+Kenny Sevy Fleshy Cyrano De Bergeac. mind the spelling of the last name, but its a french play, romantic and stuff. Its really good actually, I recommend reading it.
Russell Patrin
Russell Patrin 6 vjet më parë
He never blinks
Derek Dash
Derek Dash 6 vjet më parë
my stomach hurts so bad because yesterday i tried to do sit ups XD
janine harris ⚖︎
janine harris ⚖︎ 6 vjet më parë
White Gold
White Gold 6 vjet më parë
He made me laugh so hard X)
M. Rose
M. Rose 6 vjet më parë
His hair is awesome!
Auby Anne Meletio
Auby Anne Meletio 6 vjet më parë
Is it just me, or is he the unintentional twin of Paul Gross? So much talent.
Xan 6 vjet më parë
What are the paper towels a metaphor for?
Jabar Galaroza
Jabar Galaroza 5 vjet më parë
@Anne Akron poor brian, but dont worry you are not alone, In you're country there many so many "hungry-zombie" still waiting for that fruit to drop straight through their mouth...sad..
Jeremiah Holmes
Jeremiah Holmes 6 vjet më parë
Power, authority, the actual ability to get paper towels from those who possess them... That no one is going to teach you how to aquire it, and that they certaintly aren't going to give you any. Basically, that life is a process of learning how to get your hands on those paper towels without simply having them handed to you......
Claudia Cook
Claudia Cook 6 vjet më parë
Just... just fucking yes.
Bait4State 6 vjet më parë
I fucking love this.
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson 6 vjet më parë
I am not surprised by the acute observational powers of the Ithaca College student, based on their own inability to stay in their lane when exiting the campus turning right onto 96B and preventing the former Ithaco Space Systems employees from turning left at all due also in part to their total lack of eye contact. Alas, Ithaco is no more, so now you can continue to deal with the new SHBC campus inhabitants in your own typical fashion of just ignoring the world and wishing that your parents could a bought you a BMW or a Merc, like those damned Cornell students. You seem to be out of paper towels? That's like being seemingly pregnant.
Hanna Spring
Hanna Spring 6 vjet më parë
You. Are. Fucking. Brilliant.
ivywood13 6 vjet më parë
A few well placed chocolate hand prints might entice the custodians to supply more paper towels.
ntswaki matlapeng
ntswaki matlapeng 6 vjet më parë
Your gaze is intense...
AndreaAldaz 7 vjet më parë
I hope one day I can meet you.
Zebulization 7 vjet më parë
This is so much better than a self help book.
Ena Mander
Ena Mander 7 vjet më parë
your eyebrows are almost invisible.
Logan Wolford
Logan Wolford 7 vjet më parë
I loved this way to much.
F. Luc Mcc
F. Luc Mcc 7 vjet më parë
This was equally weird and awesome at the same time...
Ichiban Moto
Ichiban Moto 7 vjet më parë
my wife says you look like Charles Lindbergh
thethegreenmachine 7 vjet më parë
Poor Brian might have to buy his own paper towels. Or, here's an idea: He could use his towel (I assume he has one for after he showers). A few decades ago, the tp in public restrooms was about the size and shape of 3x5 cards (and about as comfortable to use) that you pulled out of a napkin dispenser-like thing. We called them Rambo Wipes (rough, tough, and don't take no shit from no one). That's all the tp my dorm had. If you use that every day, you wind up bleeding. We bought our own.
Zachary Troyer
Zachary Troyer 7 vjet më parë
Ze. What are your thoughts on virtue? I've closely read Plato's Meno many times, and am very interested in what you may have to say. Let's say Meno him self walks up to you. How do you respond? ZT
foreverwantingpie 7 vjet më parë
This is so weird what does it mean, what doesn't it mean, are you even talking about towels and chapped hands and wet pants or aren't you?!
Christian 7 vjet më parë
I love the way Ze trolls, he speaks so fluently as if his art of trolling is almost poetic.
Docile Bint
Docile Bint 7 vjet më parë
It was 3:17 when I realized the title said "Brian" and not "Brain." Until that point, I had no idea what was going on.
Robert Misner
Robert Misner 7 vjet më parë
hi ze frank can you make a sequel to this video somehow please
crumeffect 7 vjet më parë
It's part of the deep multi level paper towel conspiracy. The plumpers union has been intimidating the custodial union about the misuse the products they supply... I know, I'm in the custodial union.... and plumbers scare enough shit out of me to stay in business.
Cayti Costello
Cayti Costello 8 vjet më parë
Does he have eyebrows...
Flinn Gaidin
Flinn Gaidin 8 vjet më parë
King Caesar
King Caesar 8 vjet më parë
I don't really understand what I'm listening to... but... I like it.
emilyerin1231 8 vjet më parë
Yes! Just happy.
F. Ashplant
F. Ashplant 8 vjet më parë
I think some Chinese take out and some paper towels, lots of paper towels
Mary [Profoundish]
Mary [Profoundish] 8 vjet më parë
I am incredibly successful. I'm working my way through school and working at a full-time job and hoping to enter a field I enjoy. And I am solidly an introvert. I have many acquaintances, but few friends; the friends I have, however, love me and I them. And they know me well enough to know that when I say, "Sorry, need to be alone at home this weekend," that I'm not in trouble or even avoiding them; just recharging. So tell your mom (and remember yourself) that introverts can be good friends too
Aflacduck247 8 vjet më parë
His eyebrows.
Angel77777771 8 vjet më parë
Reason UPSB
Reason UPSB 8 vjet më parë
that ending theme with all the asian schoolgirls... was that heaven?
rebelleader13 8 vjet më parë
Did he turn a simple story about paper towels into a philosophical lesson on the struggle of power in society?
IFearNoDevils 8 vjet më parë
charles walker
charles walker 8 vjet më parë
While the video buffers I write/read comments and screen shot the awkward and hilarious faces he makes
Randy Seccafien
Randy Seccafien 8 vjet më parë
Because if they thought introversion was a good thing you wouldn't know, they wouldn't tell you about it (I'm talking about statistical averages here, not specific cases).
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson 8 vjet më parë
You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
Brooke Courtemanche
Brooke Courtemanche 8 vjet më parë
I love you for the Cyrano de Bergerac allusion.
Ale Zayas
Ale Zayas 8 vjet më parë
that bye bye song was creepy. like if they knew something awful is about to happen to me and they are excited because of that.
Behemothesque 8 vjet më parë
I don't think its such a bad thing. Solitude is a wondrous thing. I used to get similar comments as well. Just as long as you know that you are fine, you are.
Rawbr 8 vjet më parë
Ha! so there are others
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 8 vjet më parë
Doctor Pork
Doctor Pork 8 vjet më parë
I want a follow up to this story.
Jack Smithey
Jack Smithey 8 vjet më parë
Lol family guy references ps do u ever blink?
Shaggy_One 8 vjet më parë
I wonder what it would be like to just have a conversation with this man. Nothing special, just sit down and talk about stuff.
KatevonDick 8 vjet më parë
Somewhere out there is a Forensics/Speech team kid memorizing this for an upcoming competition.
MelloCello 8 vjet më parë
I can watch this forever
semt9 8 vjet më parë
lool as a former RA, this was extra hilarious XD
doppelgangster18 8 vjet më parë
Claire Holland
Claire Holland 8 vjet më parë
I kept thinking you're about to say "Paper Towns".
gfaaful 8 vjet më parë
Did anyone else notice samara from the ring sitting at the middle of the class room in the bye bye song.
The Crysiz
The Crysiz 8 vjet më parë
yeah Brian
PurpleCahw 8 vjet më parë
Holy shit.
David Hurt
David Hurt 8 vjet më parë
Nikola Tesla barely ever spoke to people, and remained celibate his entire life because being physically or emotionally close to people scared him. President Theodore Roosevelt, noted for his extreme popularity and extroverted attitude, still took months of break where he would go into the woods and be alone or with just a few friends. We need all sorts of things out of our life in order to be happy, and some of those things only happen if you are alone with your thoughts. That's when we grow.
David Hurt
David Hurt 8 vjet më parë
I am fairly certain that this is my favorite of all of Ze's Videos, and the one which I found the most moving. Yep, this is the one.
chengtheking 8 vjet më parë
its not man, introverts are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee many of the very brightest minds of our world are introverts, because they need solitude to think and think to come up with ingenious tinkerings. Im not ze but tell your mom this, masterminds are often introverts :D
Alzi Kenney
Alzi Kenney 8 vjet më parë
I just... yes.
Who Am I
Who Am I 8 vjet më parë
Please.... blink.
Hannah6412 8 vjet më parë
oh my god i'm crying
Lundgreen 8 vjet më parë
I think this is Ze's way of trolling :) it's polite. And smart.
Lundgreen 8 vjet më parë
yea he is.. he fix lives :)
cara mcdonnel
cara mcdonnel 8 vjet më parë
someone give me a "Brian" count
Phillip D.
Phillip D. 8 vjet më parë
dear god this is amazing!
slick ricky bobbi
slick ricky bobbi 8 vjet më parë
dear zefrank, im kinda confused on why i always have strange dreams, well its not weird its just that it takes place in the same senery every time i have a dream. its my old house i moved out of as a kid, in real life its in a very rural place with few neighboores just about 7 miles out of town. but in my dreams its usually night, theres loud neihboors across the street and store and other neighboors up the road, behind is a hill and a dirt road, almost all my dreams take place here
UnkindUncle 8 vjet më parë
why dont you BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!
Meghan Kitt
Meghan Kitt 8 vjet më parë
Brian, please don't tell me you went somewhere without your towel. Brian, that is like your single most important resource. If you bring a towel, you can have access to everything.
Carson .Lowell
Carson .Lowell 8 vjet më parë
This what brian ment by "weight"
RedsCraziness 8 vjet më parë
Does he blink???! O.O
EvilbobPhoenix 8 vjet më parë
Someone took the paper towels and are currently using them to build the worlds first working paper towel car.
Chase Hamilton
Chase Hamilton 8 vjet më parë
I spent too many years in school, and I am completely incapable of making paper towels.
DesertSmeagle 8 vjet më parë
...i was gonna go to Ithaca....but i dont have 50 grand to spend on 1 semester.
itskristom 8 vjet më parë
Why doesn't he just use lotion on his chapped hands?
fairbecca1 8 vjet më parë
Like times 228
feartherain 8 vjet më parë
I go to Ithaca College and this paper towel thing is a serious issue...
tehlolzfactor 8 vjet më parë
the whhhhh reference is the stewie cool whip joke because he is talking to brian like in family guy. yeah
Mozata 8 vjet më parë
Dear zefrank1, Do you even have eyelids?
00014owl41000 8 vjet më parë
Where is your left eyebrow?
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